17 June 2009

Wordless Wednessday

Another attempt at my retouching. This photo as you can see was taken in April 1960 of my grandfather Rusty and his twin daughters (my mother and Aunt Mary). I think it turned out pretty well.


lindalee said...

You did an amazing job at erasing those bent paper marks. I never thought of trying it, but I don't know if I have the patience or know-how.

Cindy said...

keep on trying - the folds are disappearing. I've visited two different posts today leaving comments on other blogs and found that you had left a comment just before me... I didn't want you to think I was following you around so I stopped by to say hello! Have a great day!

amyrebba said...

Thank you ladies. I really enjoy doing the retouch, but unfortunately my PS CS4 free download ran out. I'll have to wait till next year to do more. I just can't aford to buy Photo shop. It's just so darn expensive.

Cindy, I hadn't even notices you were stalking me ;-) But thanks for stopping to say hi.