23 June 2009

They're Back......

Please stop on over to Looking 4 Kin (the real one) and show your support. I was bummed at the end of last year when Looking 4 Kin dropped out of the genealogy scene, but I understood, as I have had to do the same thing from time to time when life gets too crazy. But Just M and team are back! And so is their chat room!!! So stop by, find some new genealogy friends and welcome them back. I've really enjoyed the chat room in the past. I wished I had more time to visit myself. I just stopped by, but go figure I'm the only nut up at midnight trying to visit a genealogy chat room...hehe!

Heads up there is a copy cat site out there according to Just M. Please make sure you visit through the link I provided to make sure you get the right Looking 4 Kin instead of the copy cat. It's sad to think that even amongst those of us search for our family history that there are jerks trying to making a profit off of the hard work of others.

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