30 December 2011

Genealogy Goals for 2012

I really only have one major goal this year. Start writing and publishing books! I know that a genealogist work is never done. On the other hand if I keep waiting until my research is done, which is never, I would never get a book written.

Right now I have begun to work on my grandmother's genealogy, her Jenkins line. I'll have to write a few distant cousins that have shared photos with me and ask for their permission to use the photos if I look the book enough and decide to publish it. But for now it'll just be for my families enjoyment. My goal is to have this book done before my father's birthday so I can give him a copy for his birthday. He would really enjoy that. His birthday is in March, so I best get cracking.

I keep saying I want to write a book about the Old Paupers cemetery in Post Falls, ID, but I really need to do some more research before I will have enough histories to complete a book. It may have to be a series of books too. So this one will also go on my list to write and research as I go.

I'd also like to start books for each of mine and my husband's grandparents primary lines: Woolsey, Roe, Hayes, Riddle, Conner, Crooks and Ward. Eventually I'll write books for all the lines that merge into each of these primary lines.

I hope everyone has a good time and good luck achieving their genealogy goals for 2012. I know I will.