27 July 2010

Tombstone Tuesday

This past Wednesday I took family that was visiting from out of town to the old Cataldo Mission. I knew there was a cemetery there and we all wanted to see it. What we didn't know is that there are two cemeteries. One was for those in good standing with the church, which is neat and clean and well cared for, though most of the stones are now gone. The other was for those that were not in good standing with the church. It is back on the hillside over the swamp. It had little individual plots and most of it is overgrown with bushes. Only a few were visible.

The not in Good Standing with the Church Cemetery

The main Church Cemetery

15 July 2010

Making Memories

It's summer time again! Since my husband and I work opposite shifts and I see so little of the kids during school time, we try to make the best of our weekends as a family. We've been exploring again! I love it and so do the kids.

My last post was on our visit to see the Civil War Reenactment in Spokane, WA in May. Then in June my husband's parents and grandmother were here visiting. We took them to see our own town. Here is my mother-in-law taking a photo of the falls here in town, while my boys enjoy the view. I believe my father-in-law was up on the deck going "put your hand in the strap. You don't want to loose that camera!" as she was leaning over the fence. There is never a lack for laughs with my in-laws. At moments they keep me shacking my head and then the next they have me laughing so hard. I'm a lucky gal to have in-laws I love.

The weekend after they were gone we went up to Metaline Falls in WA near the Canadian border. The first stop was at the Gardner Cave in the Campbell State park. Then we took a little hike up to the Canadian Border. I started out holding my five year old daughters hand to make sure she didn't fall. Eventually I realized that she was more sure footed than I was and was soon our running my big butt. On the way back the boys ran up ahead of us and had a laugh when it took my husband, myself and our daughter so long to meet them at the head of the trail. It's sad to say, but I'm out of shape, even though I have a physical job. Here are photos of the family at the Canadian Border.

The photo of the forest is to show the Canadian border. That's right, if you've never been to the Canadian border around a forested area, that is a strip of tree that is cleared out to mark the border. God forbid that our trees touch theirs. It reminds me of my kids. "Mom he's touching me!"

Then we still had time to go to the Dam near by. I forget the name of Dam. But I got some beautiful photos of the rainbows coming our of the Dam. We got lucky. They had the gates open so wide that it was flowing with full force. They said the weekend before they had them open all the way. There has just been so much rain fall up here.

We really had a lot of fun in one day. That is pretty evident by the smile on my son's face.

03 July 2010

Civil War Reenactment, Spokane, WA

I've been so busy these days that I've not had time to do much writing, but My family and I did have the privileged of going to a Civil War reenactment in Spokane, WA. We all had lots of fun and the kids learned a lot and asked lots of questions, like inquisitive minds often do. I put together a little slide show of our day. Enjoy!