09 April 2008

So call me crazy!

Why is it some of us never seem to have enough hobbies and find the need to start new ones? You've got me on that one. I don't know the answer. I just know I'm one of those people.

Yes I've started getting into another new hobby, quilting. Since I started my new job in September I have found that I rarely have enough time when I'm fully awake and coherent to do any genealogy research. Yes I still plan to keep looking for my ancestors and from time to time pop back on here and add more to my blogg. But for now I may also be adding little tidbits or showing off some of my quilts in the future.

I didn't mean to become a quilter. I never saw myself setting at a sewing machine and having fun. But there is something I hate and that's waste. When it comes to fabric my work wastes a lot of it! So one day I got the idea to bring some of the scrap fabric (though some is large enough not to be called scrap) home and try my hand at quilting. I quickly fell in love with it when I bought my first sewing machine (a cheap one that does the job for now).

I also plan to scan many of the fabrics into my computer to use in my digital scrapbooking. There are many fun designs that will make great scrapbook pages.

I'll post pictures later of some of the fun things I'm working on.