19 September 2006

Heritage Makers

I am so excited about this new phase in my life. I just got in my new Heritage Makers sample books. They are beautiful! I can't wait to get back my first book. I am working on one about my children right now. It's a little brag book. Small enough to easily fit into a purse or even my planner. So ladies if you would like a way to share the story of your children everywhere you go, well it's here!

Do you like scrapbooking? Do you hate the mess you have to clean up everytime? Are you afraid to let the children look through it for fear that they may damage some of it? Do you find yourself in the middle of your project when dinner time rolls around and you've got to put it all away so you can use the table? Or maybe your the type of person who hates the hassle of scrapbooking, but loves the look of it. That would be me! Well here is your solution. Digital scrapbooking.

Now don't let that little word "digital" scare you. It's easy to do. First contact me so we can set up your account or party, or if you want to test drive the program go to Heritage Makers on the bottom right of the home page select "try our online publishing system" and see how easy it is, or watch the video. If you want to do a party it will help you to earn credits towards the story books you want to write.

There are opportunities for everyone from the hobbyist to the professional. I fall in between that until the kids are older.

This completely shares all my passions. I love photography and the stories of my ancestors. I have been researching my genealogy for almost two years now. I love this because this is a way I can write those stories and preserve them for my children and grandchildren and all future generations to read. I enjoyed the genealogy so much that I kept looking online for something exactly like this that would combine my passions for photographs and family history. Then one day just out of the blue I received an email that I sure did not ignore, introducing me to this business. It was the answer to my prayers.

These photos are the samples that I received. They are handstitch, glossy, hardcover books. They are not only durable, but lovely to look at and handle.

My next projects will be story books of my grandparents. All of my grandparents are gone now. They only one living is my husband's grandmother. I plan to start with her story first. I want to preserve all of her story before it is too late. The others I will have to rely on mine and other family members memories to write their story. Don't wait until it's too late to write those stories. Because after grandparents are gone their stories fade. Make sure your children and grandchildren will remember their ancestors.

You can contact me at 208-777-4312 or amyrebba@adelphia.net to book your party today.
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Heritage Makers

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13 September 2006

Time to Get Started

I got in my kit today for my Heritage Makers. It's time to get started selling these memory books. I hope some of you are still reading my blog on occasion. I am looking for hosts who enjoy family, photographs and even preserving their family history and memorable stories.

I have given my notice at UPS, so as of October 1 I am available to do parties for any interested hosts. I have a couple people in mind who just might go for it, but that won't keep me very busy.

Right now I have a lot of reading and preparation to do, so if you don't see many posts for a while please be patient. I am not giving up on this blog.

07 September 2006

Part of My Business

Not only am I offering research on families, but all the research can be printed in a beautiful book. Please check out my website. Even if you have no interest in the past, but would like a durable, fun, beautiful way to display the events that make of the life of you and your family, it can now be done!

I can also throw parties with this business and there are many incentives for the hostess. So if any of you ladies would like to host a party for you friends and family, based around photos, stories and books of families then give me a call. I am looking for a couple hostesses.