31 August 2009

Madness Monday - Certification Process

Well it's not an ancestor who was mad. It's not me going mad over a brick wall ancestor. I'm going mad over transcribing a document! I got in me copy of original to transcribe as part of my BCG portfolio and I wanted to cry. I've encountered some pretty difficult records over time, but this one looks like someone scribbled lines on the page. This will certainly be a challenge.

As far as ancestor I haven't pulled any new brick walls out of my file in a while. I've been working on my CG portfolio and taking stabs at my previous brick walls I've posted in the hopes that I can post a Falling Wall Friday post. However, those darn elusive ancestor insist on continuing their stand as elusive ancestors!

I will say to others of you who may be getting discouraged or loosing interest in Madness Monday, don't! As a result of Madness Monday there are cousins that have found me. As it turns out they are also stumped on the same ancestors, but many of them have graciously shared other information and photo that I didn't have for the family. The photos are my favorite part! When I get to see an ancestors face for the first time after researching them and learning a great deal about their lives for years.......well I almost can't describe how exhilarating it is. At times I've even teared up over the gifts that people have shared.

So keep up the chain of sharing. It will come back to you some day, it has many times over for me.

24 August 2009

Camping and fun

We went camping this weekend and saw some breath taking sites. The picture here is one I took from my phone of the Kootenai Falls just outside of Troy, Montana. Silly me I left the camera back in the car. It couldn't be that I had my hands full with two dogs and three kids, not at all. My husband had the biggest (pain in the butt) dog, I had the other (well behaved and smaller) dog, with the kids between us. We hiked the trail down to the falls. I'm still sore from the hike, but it was well worth it!

I've got other pictures of our camping trip that I'll have to download from my camera. I'll do that later and share. We camped at a little place called Blue Lake RV Resort just outside of Bonners Ferry, Idaho. I'd call it a pond more than a lake, but it was still a great place to camp. We loved it. It was clean, beautiful, and even had showers. The kids loved fishing off the dock. In other words we had lots of fun.......that was except for trying to sleep on the hard ground after our air mattress sprung a leak.......that's another story I'll tell later.

18 August 2009

The road to Certified Genealogist

I could use your help. I received my packet to apply for my certification as a genealogist. I plan to specialize in the Northwest region of the US and from Civil War to post WWII eras. One stipulation of this certification is that I can't use the research I've done for my family. I have others I have done research for, but only one covers this region and era. I would really like one or two more research projects to pull from for my portfolio. The other research I am doing for this area is not for any client (which is also another stipulation), but for use in a book I plan to write, so this will not work.

If you would like the opportunity to have someone work on a genealogical problem that needs to be solved and it falls into the region and era I am working on, please get in touch with me. Maybe we can help each other out.

To all of my readers, please keep visiting. Bare with me as I work on my certification. It will unfortunately take my attention away from by blog, but I hope to squeeze in time for an article here and there. It'll get easier to juggle all of this in a few weeks when the kids go back to school as well.

07 August 2009

New Site

I know there are new sites popping up all the time, but I like the idea behind this one. Ancient Faces encourages you to post stories, photos and family recipes. I have seen some stories that are more of a query though. But I like the site and the whole idea. This also has a paid section, kind of like MyFamily, allows you to create a family web page.

01 August 2009

Untangled Family Roots - Home

Untangled Family Roots - Home

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I have finally done it! I'm still working on my AG and saving money for the final, but doing some work may help me save the money I need faster. So I'm going for it. Come visit my website and let me know what you think.