18 August 2009

The road to Certified Genealogist

I could use your help. I received my packet to apply for my certification as a genealogist. I plan to specialize in the Northwest region of the US and from Civil War to post WWII eras. One stipulation of this certification is that I can't use the research I've done for my family. I have others I have done research for, but only one covers this region and era. I would really like one or two more research projects to pull from for my portfolio. The other research I am doing for this area is not for any client (which is also another stipulation), but for use in a book I plan to write, so this will not work.

If you would like the opportunity to have someone work on a genealogical problem that needs to be solved and it falls into the region and era I am working on, please get in touch with me. Maybe we can help each other out.

To all of my readers, please keep visiting. Bare with me as I work on my certification. It will unfortunately take my attention away from by blog, but I hope to squeeze in time for an article here and there. It'll get easier to juggle all of this in a few weeks when the kids go back to school as well.

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