24 August 2009

Camping and fun

We went camping this weekend and saw some breath taking sites. The picture here is one I took from my phone of the Kootenai Falls just outside of Troy, Montana. Silly me I left the camera back in the car. It couldn't be that I had my hands full with two dogs and three kids, not at all. My husband had the biggest (pain in the butt) dog, I had the other (well behaved and smaller) dog, with the kids between us. We hiked the trail down to the falls. I'm still sore from the hike, but it was well worth it!

I've got other pictures of our camping trip that I'll have to download from my camera. I'll do that later and share. We camped at a little place called Blue Lake RV Resort just outside of Bonners Ferry, Idaho. I'd call it a pond more than a lake, but it was still a great place to camp. We loved it. It was clean, beautiful, and even had showers. The kids loved fishing off the dock. In other words we had lots of fun.......that was except for trying to sleep on the hard ground after our air mattress sprung a leak.......that's another story I'll tell later.

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