31 August 2009

Madness Monday - Certification Process

Well it's not an ancestor who was mad. It's not me going mad over a brick wall ancestor. I'm going mad over transcribing a document! I got in me copy of original to transcribe as part of my BCG portfolio and I wanted to cry. I've encountered some pretty difficult records over time, but this one looks like someone scribbled lines on the page. This will certainly be a challenge.

As far as ancestor I haven't pulled any new brick walls out of my file in a while. I've been working on my CG portfolio and taking stabs at my previous brick walls I've posted in the hopes that I can post a Falling Wall Friday post. However, those darn elusive ancestor insist on continuing their stand as elusive ancestors!

I will say to others of you who may be getting discouraged or loosing interest in Madness Monday, don't! As a result of Madness Monday there are cousins that have found me. As it turns out they are also stumped on the same ancestors, but many of them have graciously shared other information and photo that I didn't have for the family. The photos are my favorite part! When I get to see an ancestors face for the first time after researching them and learning a great deal about their lives for years.......well I almost can't describe how exhilarating it is. At times I've even teared up over the gifts that people have shared.

So keep up the chain of sharing. It will come back to you some day, it has many times over for me.

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