22 June 2009

Madness Monday - Alice A Jeffery

I am going to pull one of my subjects from my Old Paupers Cemetery research as my Madness Monday today. I am not related to this person, but I would certainly like to know more.

From the records of Alfred E and Betty J Shane which they extracted from records in May 1983, I know that Alice A Jeffery was born 7 July 1849 in Wheaton, IL. She was the wife of W. H. Jeffery and died 23 July 1940.

Armed with the above information I began my search on her life.
  • First I found her in the Idaho Death Index 1911-1951 on Ancestry.com (original data: Bureau of Health Policy and Vital Statistics. Idaho Death Index, 1911-1951, Boise, ID: Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.) The dates match that found in
  • 1880 Census of Village of White Creek, Adams Co., Wisconsin William H Jeffery age 23 and wife Alice age 27 with two children, Luella age 3 and David age 1. William was born in Canada, Alice in Illinois, and both children in Wisconsin. (1880 Federal Census, Village of White Creek, Adams, Wisconsin, page no. 1, sup dist 2, enum dist 4, 1 July 1880 by C. J. Austin, dwelling 2, family 3)
  • 1894 Graham, Benton Co., Minnesota Territory I find them again. William age 41, Alice age 39? and Ella-19 and David O-15. I know ages don't exactly match, but I've seen this so many times I've about become numb to it. But they are in close proximatity to the ages of the subjects I'm looking for. Though this time I notice that William is born in NY, and the others are the same as the 1880 census. (I have a printout of this that I can hardly read the source information, but I do know that it was the 1894 Minnesota Territory census of Graham, Benton Co. The page number is unreadable)
  • 1900 Federal Census of Graham, Benton Co., Minnesota. Once again I find the family of William Jeffery, born Oct 1853 age 47, married 25 years, born in NY, parents both in England, farmer, Alice, wife, born July 1855, age 45, married 25 years, 2 living children, born in IL and parents in NY. Child David, son born Apr 1879 age 21 born in Wisconsin. (1900 Federal Census, Graham, Benton Co., Minnesota, sup dist 6, Enum dist 320, sheet no., 4 B, on 7 Jun 1900 by Scott Thomas, dwelling 76, family 76)
  • WWI registration of son David Orvil Jeffery on Sept 12, 1918 in Simpson Hill, Hill Co., Montana. He was born 1 April 1878 (one year different than the 1900 census). His wife is Sadie and also lived in Simpson Hill. This helps to bring him closer to Idaho.
I have yet to find Alice and William after the 1900 census. I will keep looking, but from what information I have here is her story.

Alice A (maiden name unknown) was born 7 July 1849 in Wheaton, IL. She married William H Jeffery about 1875 possibly in WI where their children were born. Their daughter, Luella or Ella, was born about 1877 in WI, followed by David Orvil Jeffery on 1 Apr 1878 also in WI. Since the family is in the 1880 census living in Village of White Creek, Adams Co., WI it's very possibly that the children were born in Adams Co., WI. By 1894 the family has moved on to Graham, Benton Co., Minnesota Territory, where we still see them again in the 1900 census. Then I loose track of the family, but I do find David registering for WWI in Hill Co., MT. Somewhere between 1900 and Alice's death William and Alice moved to Kootenai County, Idaho, where Alice A Jeffery died 23 Jul 1940 in Coeur d'Alene, Kootenai Co., ID.

She is interred at the Kootenai County Cemetery aka Old Paupers Cemetery. Unfortunately we do not know exactly where she is buried as all but one no longer have names or markers. If you know anything on this family or about this person I would love to hear from you. I would love to write her story and add it to the Old Paupers Cemetery book that I am working on.

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