29 June 2009

Changing Gears

This happens to me several times a year. I will continue to write here in the future, but for now I have other projects that really need my attention. I have a yard that still needs a lot more work, though I am very happy to report that we finally have the front yard done! (all but one flower bed that I'll save for later, since we still need to tear up the ground there to replace a basement window) Next is to clean up the side of the house (probably next weekend), the basement and level, seed and start watering the back yard. Then we still have one small section of siding to buy and finish on the side of the house, paint it and then that's done! We need to put on a new roof and put up a fence. All of this takes time and of course we can only go as fast as the money comes in. I doubt we'll get to the new kitchen for another couple years as that will take a great deal of money. Though we could probably get a couple rooms in the basement finished this fall too.

On top of that I am beginning to pull together my work and work toward my accreditation. I would like to achieve this goal in the next year. I have a book I am doing research for and would like to write after I get my credentials. Then in the future I hope to take on genealogy projects for customers.

Let's also not forget my quilting projects either. I went to the Inland Northwest 2009 Quilting show in Kootenai Idaho on Saturday. I took my daughter and my niece and we meet up with my Aunt Dawna there. Just looking at some of the quilts inspired me to finish some of my projects that I have started and became bored or stumped on. So it's back to the sewing machine for me as well. Not to mention my daughter's new bed is now put together in her room and now I really need to finish her quilt. That project is nearly done.

I have really bad tendinitis in my right elbow and I'm sure being on the computer and using the mouse doesn't help it any either. So I have a few really good reasons to take a break. I'll be back soon I promise! I'm sure by the fall all of these projects will slow down and I'll be able to return more often. Though if work slows down any more, I may have more time on my hands than I want. Ta Ta!

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