26 November 2007

Thanks Giving & Family

It's the time of year when you think about your ancestors and wonder what their holidays were like. Some were spent in despair, others grateful for what they had, and still others seemed to have it all.

While we are looking for and finding our ancestors, let's not forget about those who will carry on our legacies long after we are gone and hopefully not forgotten.

My brother started a round of "What are you thankful for?" at our family table this Thanksgiving. Mine was more a reflection on this past year that has been very hard on us and I just said that I grateful that we have made it this far and still have a roof over our heads and food on the table. But it was my oldest son who gave the one that made me want to cry. He said he was grateful that he had such loving parents. Wow! Some days I wonder how he can say that when I feel I'm coming unglued, but children love you through it all.

I'm thankful that I have three beautiful and loving children and a husband I love and cherish dearly, for our health and that we have made it another year.

So what are you thankful for?

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