04 November 2007

I'm still here

I'm sure my regular readers are wondering what has happened to me. Well I'm still here and still very interested and working on my genealogy. Unfortunately life has dealt me a hand that has forced me to go back to work. I'm sure you know what the means.......less time for my passion.

I'm sorry I have not been posting anything new or updating anything. It has been bugging me to no end, but what could I do. I am constantly thinking of ideas for new posts, even when I'm working. The problem has been the time to set down and pull my material together and type it up for all of you to read. With my new job I am working nights. I'm also taking the kids to school near my parents house 20 minutes away so that my mom can watch the kids and it's easy for her to pick them up from school (actually the oldest stays with them unless my husband has a night off). So I'm lucky if I can get enough sleep and then still have a few hours in the morning. Those few hours are filled with feeding, clothing and packing the kids stuff up for grandma's house. Then we are off. It has taken me a while to get this rhythm down. Now I think I'm on the verge of being able to find a few minutes every now and then to set down at my computer and stay in touch with not only my readers, distant relatives, but myself as well.

So stay tuned I hope to be able to take some of my notes on future posts and start making something of them and put them up for you to read.

Don't forget I am still working on the website I host for Genealogy Trails for Kootenai County. If there is anyone that can provide help by transcribing records related to this area for me I could sure use the help!

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