15 November 2007

Case Study: Daisy Unknown Riddle

The following is a case study of my husband's great grandmother, Daisy Riddle. Her husband Sam Riddle is a bit of a mystery to me, but she is one of my biggest mysteries.

Let's first start with what I do know. We knew her as Daisy Riddle. Till this day her maiden name is unknown. According to the CA death Index she was born 2 Oct 1890 somewhere in OK and died 27 April 1966 in Modesto, Stanislaus Co., CA. She was married to Sam D Riddle and they had four known children; Jewel, Willie, Earl and Sam Clifton Riddle (my husbands grandfather).

I first find Sam and Daisy in 1930 in Ponca City, Kay Co., OK. Also listed with them are their four known children, so I knew I had the right couple. But wait what is this a fifth child the family did not know about?

Riddle, Sam D, Head, M, In, 53, M, 30, Kentucky, Mixed blood
Choctaw, South Carolina
Daisy, Wife, F, In, 40, M, 18,
Oklahoma, Mixed
blood, Pottawatomie
Jewel, daughter, F, In,12, S, Oklahoma,
Mixed blood,
Samuel C, son, M, In, 10, S, Oklahoma, Mixed blood,
Willie F, son, M, In, Oklahoma, Mixed blood, Potawamie
Earl E,
M, In, Oklahoma, Mixed blood, Potawamie

The 1930 Census confirms that Daisy was born about 1890 in OK. This also confirms that she is of mixed blood/Native American. It is recorded that her father is mixed blood, but that her mother is Pottawatomie. It also tells me that they were married when Daisy was 18 years old which would put their marriage about 1908.

The amazing thing is I discovered that Daisy had a daughter before Jewel that no one in the family knew about! Bertha Keith is listed as Sam's daughter. She was married the year before at age 18 as she is 19 in 1930. So we have another question. Is she Daisy's daughter or Sam's from a previous marriage.

I will continue this with another post later. I also found the 1920 and 1910 census, but I will take you through that process on my next post. For now I have to get back to work.

Happy Hunting!

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