17 November 2007

Daisy D Unknown Riddle Part II

Yesterday I post what I originally knew about Daisy D (unknown) Riddle and what I first uncovered about her and the family. Is it possible that her and Sam had a daughter the family knew nothing about? Well let's continue.

I continued my search by trying to find them in 1920 with no luck. They were no where to be found. Actually I did find them, but I'll explain later. I'm getting ahead of myself.

After spending a great deal of time in 1920 I give up and move ahead to 1910. Again I find them quickly in Wilson Twp, Atoka, OK. This gets a little strange though. First I know from Bertha's age in 1930 that she wouldn't have been born yet, so no surprise that I don't find her, which further confirms her approximate age in 1930. However Daisy, if it is Daisy, goes by Dollie here. She has been married one year and was married at 18 years old. This fits! Again she is born in OK. Also if I go back to 1930 her name was listed as Daisy D. Could her name really be Daisy Dollie and for some reason she used each at different times?

Unfortunately 1910 doesn't tell me anymore about Daisy. But it sure gives me more of a glimpse into Sam's family. But that's another family for another day. However, one note: Daisy is Sam's second marriage, but they were married here already. I do believe that Daisy and Dollie are the same woman and that Bertha who I found in 1930 was in fact Daisy's daughter and not Sam's from the first marriage.

At this point I couldn't find anything else, so I decide to use a tool That has been useful many times. I posted a message on GenForum on our Riddle family requesting any information found. A very generous and wonderful lady responded. She wasn't related to us, but just wanted to help. She found a missing pieces for me, the 1920 Census of the Riddle family!

Now I see why I was unable to find them. Just another case of misspelled names. The surname was spelled as Riddile! So when looking for your own, make sure to use every possible spelling and search using different criteria including searching only by first name in a certain location.

This time they are in Coal Co, Jackson Twp., OK. This time I am almost certain that Bertha is Daisy's daughter. I also have no doubts this is the family as the baby's name is Clifton, Sam's middle name. I'm sure they called him by his middle name since his first was the same as his father. Clifton isn't a very common name.

But all of this really leads me no closer to finding out Daisy's identity and family before she married Sam. So did I every find out her maiden name and who she was? Maybe. I guess you'll have to come back again to see what else I found.

Until next time Happy Hunting!

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JamaGenie said...

Two of my grandchildren have RIDDLE ancestors, so naturally I checked my database. Alas, they were definitely from PA, and nowhere else until a son came to Kansas and married a transplanted Brit.

As for misspellings in census indexes, to get around most of them I never enter more than the first three letters of the surname, followed by * (wild card). If that doesn't bring up the desired person, if I know the general area and approx age, I enter the first three letters of the FIRST name and *, and an age range. I'm always amazed at how transcribers come up with some of the butchered spellings, especially when the correct spelling is quite clear in the original!