24 November 2007

Case Study: Daisy Riddle Part III

But all of this really leads me no closer to finding out Daisy's identity and family before she married Sam. So did I every find out her maiden name and who she was? Maybe. I guess you'll have to come back again to see what else I found..........

Like I promised I would continue this story next time.

The added information I have found is that her father is of mixed blood born in MO or IL, and her mother is Pottawatomie Indian born in OK. I have no maiden name since there is no record of her marriage to Sam, at least none I know of in about 1908. Oklahoma was barely a state let alone keeping records at that time.

From what I understand from the family they were not religious and being Native American that could go either way, but I don't believe that there will be an church records of a marriage.

So am I stuck? Maybe not. I actually did a search in the 1900 census for a Daisy born about 1890, so she should have been about 10 years old. Bingo! Well maybe. Only one Daisy showed up in OK as a 10 year old of Native American heritage born in OK.

She was enumerated the 7 June 1900 as a pupil of the Fort Sill Boarding School on the Apache, Kiowa, Comanche Reservation. They listed all the children as Comanche, but I feel that was a short cut as they probably didn't know or care about their true tribe. This Daisy is Daisy Blackwolf. So is this my husband's Great Grandmother Daisy? I don't know. I've never found anymore. It's time to pick up the file again. I will continue to research Daisy Blackwolf and see if she continues to fit with our Daisy Riddle.

It's just another case to show you to think outside the box. I didn't know her maiden name so how else was I going to find a Native American girl in OK in the census with out it. By searching using only her first name. Now sometimes that doesn't work because it gives you more hits than you can handle. But in this case it gave me a few dozen, but only one of them really fit the criteria of the girl I was looking for. However, if you do get a few hits, it's worth the time to research two of three girls that may fit and find out everything about them in order to determine who they married, where they moved on to, and anything else that will tell you if they are a perfect fit. I also helps give you a maiden name to search for any marriage records between that surname and the husband's surname that your known ancestor married. It's a lot of work, but if that is how you solve the puzzle of a female ancestor and find her maiden name then it's well worth it.

Happy Hunting.

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