16 August 2007

Looking for Volunteers

Well there is a new kid on the block. Genealogy Trails has celebrated it's first year of providing free data to researchers. They expanded from their original site of Illinois Trails which was started in March of 2000.

I found myself volunteering today to transcribe data and host Kootenai County, Idaho. But they need many more volunteers. Here is the Genealogy Trails Volunteer information. They need volunteers to host the states and especially to host counties. Take the time to look and see if a county you have information on or access to data is available to be hosted. Then seriously consider it.

If you are like me you do a lot of research from home on the computer. I do because I have three small children. I try to go to the library and Family History Center every Wednesday, but that's not always possible, not to mention I don't get a whole heck of a lot accomplished when I'm trying to keep the kids quiet in the library...haha! The more we can work together and make records available online, the more we can all add to the history and genealogy of our families. I truly support access to free information online.

I know there are sites that charge for their data, and I understand they are providing a valuable service, but it's not always easy for those of us living on a shoe string budget to obtain information when we have to pay for it. So if you have access to information, consider sharing it so that the stay at home mom can write the history of her family for her children to cherish for generations to come, or the adopted individual can reconnect with lost loved ones.....and the list of reasons why go on. But don't forget about yourself. Do it because it feels good and you will reap the rewards of it....I guarantee it!

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