14 August 2007

Find A Grave

I think I may have done a post about this site before. Find A Grave I have found to be a wonderful site when looking to find your ancestors. Especially old graves or graves not in your area.

You can find graves to famous people as well as submit searches for your ancestors. This is also a great community. There are many volunteers on this site willing to take still photos of graves. All you have to do is make a request for a still photo.

A really unique aspect of this site that sets them apart from all the other grave search sites it that you can leave a memorial for anyone. You have flowers and other items available that you can leave and then type a little message to them. I used this feature for the ggggg grandfather of my children, Jesse Chisholm. I was able to leave a message about the wonderful man he was and flowers as well. This is just really nice when you don't live near by.

The reason I am posting about this site tonight is it ties in with my series of posts about forums. I just discovered tonight that this site has a forum. Which is great for others interested in cemeteries, their history, preservation, residence, and more. So I joined the forum tonight. I will most likely spend a lot of time there. Every since I was a child cemeteries have always fascinated me. The history that is there. The lives that were lived and lost. It was never a scary place to me, but intrigued me. I've also volunteered to do still photos for cemeteries in my area of Kootenai County, ID.


jpattonfd said...

The site posted my deceased wife's information. She passed away in 2006, unexpectedly at age 34. The information was posted by a stranger. The site has refused my request to remove the information. Beware, strangers can post anything to the site about your loved one. Until you have experienced it, I am sure you will not understand.

amyrebba said...

jpattonfd, I'm sorry that you have had a bad experience, and you're right I probably don't understand. If all they posted was basic information then I don't see the harm in it. If it was something that tarnishes your wife's reputation then I'm sorry and that's not right.

As a genealogist looking for my ancestors and other family members I still have found this site a valuable asset in my arsonal of tools.

I hope you are able to resolve your issue with them.