28 August 2007

Ancestry.com More details!!

Here is a great post that I had to share with my readers about the whole Ancestry.com theft issue. This was posted by Susan at Family Oral History Using Digital Tools.

I'm not going to say much more as Susan really says it very well and I don't need to add much. So check it out on her site, and thanks Susan for giving PERMISSION for those of us on the same team to use your illustration. I love it. She also covers, for those of you interested, how to block Ancestry.com from spidering your website in the future. It won't remove what they already have, but it will stop them in the future from stealing your hard work to charge other people to have access to it.

Others who weighed in on the situation were: Genealogue, Cow Hampshire, Kimberly Powell of About.com, Genea-Musings, Kinexxions (a great time log of how she found out and what has transpired since) and of course Ancestories, who already had some of these links to me when I got a chance to set down at the computer today.

Well as of this afternoon Ancestry.com has announced......(which I received through the grapevine).....that they will now make the collection available for Free, but members still have to register. Meaning "hehehehe we'll tease you with this free piece of cheese until you walk into our trap and still pay." I still think they are pushing the limit. At least stepping on the line, if not over it. Our sites should be available for free, they are anyway.

If they want to link to our sites that's fine with me, but they shouldn't even use our sites as a teaser to get their customers. Hell I'd love to make more money at what I do too, but I'm not sick, demented, cruel, rude and just plain unethical enough to take advantage of others and step on who ever necessary to make that almighty dollar. Hell I'd love to be able to pay my mortgage on time, but I'm not about to use others in getting that goal. It's still not good enough! If you want to help us get traffic that's fine, but not at your gain for our hard work. I believe that's where all of us have a problem with this. Heck we link to each others blog and help get each other exposure and hits on our sites because we all have something in common. "We want people to have access to information so they can find and trace their ancestors at little or no cost, preferably free." This reminds me of old cartons I've seen where the big corporate dog is stepping on the little guy and crushing them.

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