14 July 2007

A New Toy!

Here I go again. It's almost midnight and with hubby on the road I don't feel like sleeping much. I've been working on a closely approaching deadline for a family that will be leaving for a family reunion and wants to take a report of all my research of their family with them. Well I've got most of it pulled together on all the family lines going backwards and forward, maps, charts, timeline, outlines, registry reports, the works. It is currently at 200 pages, which is no surprise. I've been working on this family for nine months. Now after days of unplugging the phone (except cell phone used to talk to truck driving hubby lol), putting away messages on all my IM programs and retreating to the basement for most of the day (that is when I'm not doing laundry, meals, kids, floors which never stay clean since it's summer and again the kids, and all the other motherly chores) I finally needed a break.

So the 200 page report has been set aside. Setting on my desk was my Family Tree Magazine that I had been dying to read since the mail came today. As always I find something just wonderful in there, if not many things.

Well tonight I found a new way to watch TV my way. Since my husband has been on the road driving truck I rarely watch TV these days, unless I know a good old western is on. I'm just not a coach potato. I have to be doing something, even if I'm only stimulating my brain and not my muscles. I no longer get the history chancel because when I started cutting costs the cable TV bill went first, lol hubby wasn't happy. If you are like me and not a big TV person, but love to hear, read, and watch anything related to history then you'll love this, Roots Television

Roots Television is better than regular TV. It's a subject that I truly enjoy, history and genealogy. The best part, you can watch it on your own schedule! You can choose from a huge list of topics. Programs include, lectures, storytellers', recollections, tips from leading researchers, how to footage, and get this even some genealogy humor.

So there is my new late night entertainment. That and the genealogy forums out there where I can chat with other researchers. Well I'll save that for another post.

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