26 July 2007

Genealogy Chat & Forums, Part II Scan Fest

Not only does this go with my series on Genealogy Chat rooms, but this also ties in with my series on getting organized. Through my genealogy research and blogging about it I have actually had the wonderful privilege of meeting a great lady, Miriam who blogs AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors. She started up a great idea with a chat room. I have joined them on a few occasions, but lately my time has been spread thin, but I'll try my best to join them again this Sunday, July 29 at 11AM-2PM Pacific Time. Although no promise that you will see me here. My hubby may actually be home this weekend after being on the road for three weeks!

Scan Fest is a great way to chat with other fellow genealogist, family historians, or just the average mom looking to get her photos and documents organized. At the same time they encourage you to scan your photos and documents into your computer. I highly recommend that you do this. You should always have a back up scanned copy of all your documents and photos. There is nothing like the original, but if God forbid something happened to your originals in a disaster at least you would still have a back up. Not only that but you can then organize your photos and documents with the appropriate ancestor in your genealogy software. It makes life so much easier when your information, documents and photos are all in one place. Then again I'm a computer nut, can you tell.

Go here for detail on how to join Scan Fest.

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