20 July 2007

George Scott husband of Aner Scakett Scott

I was planning on expanding on my post from yesterday about Genealogy Forums and Chat rooms. But I've changed my mind for today. I have an ancestor who has been calling my name for weeks you might say. I've have been working feverishly for the last weeks to finish up this genealogy report on the QUINN/SCHWIMMER/SPEISMAN family for their reunion. Well as of yesterday afternoon I am done!

While I was spending on this time on someone else research I had numerous occasions where the name SCOTT and even George SCOTT would pop up while I was researching this other family. I've also recently gotten an email from a distant cousin I haven't talked to in over a year about specifically George SCOTT. So I think it's time I look into him further. None of us have ever been able to move on the SCOTT line. We do know that he married Aner SACKETT and we have all the research on her line (thank goodness she was a part of the SACKETT's used as inspiration in the Louis L'Amour novels).

This morning I got started looking at a forum I was going to write about today, when once again, you guessed it, I see someone requesting information on a Mary SCOTT. I've looked further. I don't believe she is the Mary SCOTT, daughter of George and Aner, but it just got me looking at him again. So I'm setting aside that blog post for today to work on George Scott.

I did find something interesting though. I've known through bits and pieces that the family was in IN, MO, OH and KS. But now apparently in 1885 they may have also been in Island Grove Precinct, Gage, Nebraska. It appear that George may have already been dead by this point as he was not listed with Aner and her two sons Alexander and John. I'll keep digging and see what else I find under the rocks I turn over.

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