03 July 2007

Just an Update.

So much has and is happening in my life right now. My husband is now on the road as a long haul truck driver. I will admit it isn't easy being a mother of three children, but the task seems that much harder when you don't have your hubby coming home and giving you a break and some support with the kids every night. However, one way or another I will survive that.

First off my class at North Idaho College went very well. I got the chance to meet a bunch of great ladies who share the same passion for preserving their family history as I do. Speaking of such I think it's time I set down and email them like I promised to do.

I also intent to further hold classes her in my home in the future for those that would like to learn digital scrapbooking and even some basics in genealogy. It's either that or I will conduct them online, or maybe both. Who know. First though I've got to find a way to pay for some software, my Ancestry (which expires next month) and another computer. So that may be a ways down the road, but it is a plan.

I'm hoping to get back to posting more often again now that life is getting back to normal and I even have more time on my hands in the evening since hubby isn't here to occupy my time. So now I need to spend some time figuring out what next to post.

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