25 July 2007

George Scott, Almost Found

It was one in the morning again before I got to bed last night. I had the time last night to get online with one of my favorite genealogy chat rooms, Genealogy.com/chat. Usually I'm in there asking for suggestions and help. But last night I think they were my good luck charm.

It was about 11:00PM when I came across the first record. Now remember a couple nights ago I did find Aner SCOTT in the Nebraska State census in 1885, but George wasn't with them. So last night I found them in 1880! George was still alive in 1880! They were living in Plum Creek, Pawnee, Nebraska. That brings me closer to pin pointing a place of death for George, since that is my current goal. So today I will look in Pawnee Co., Nebraska for his grave. When I found the 1885 Nebraska Census I did look in Gage county where Aner was and didn't find anything. So now I have a new place to look.

I also found two other censuses last night of them. One was 1850. They were living in Center, Marion Co., IN. This was the first record that I have seen with my gggg grandmother in it. She was indeed their oldest and is two at this point. I now also have a middle initial of "M" for George. And there is a Nancy Sackett living with them. Now I don't believe the was Aner's mother. I believe Aner's mother was Isabel, unless my Sackett research is wrong. So she may be an aunt. She was 62.

Then I found the family in the 1856 Iowa Census. This time it is George, Aner, Emily and two more children, A.F.(Alexanders) and M.E. (Mary). Now if I could just find the family in the 1860 and 1870 censuses I'll have a complete trail. But so far no luck.

So I'm back at it again today. I'll eventually get up and go sweep, mop and do some laundry, but for the most part I'm lost in the past in my office looking for my ancestors. I'm sure I will find more on them today.

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