27 August 2006

Schwimmer and Spiesman family

I am still working on gathering information for a co-worker of mine on her family. I am researching the Spiesman surname of Germany and possibly Prussia origin as well as the Schwimmer's of Missouri and German origin. Then both families end up in Pennsylvania and Indiana. If anyone out there has information on these two families I'd sure love to hear from you. I did find someone who had posted their family tree with the Schwimmers that completely matched my co-workers family. The sad thing is they didn't post any contact information. I have even found a few things they may not have yet and it would be great to share information so I can also help my co-worker complete her family history.

Well we refinanced the house this week, so by Wednesday when we get our money I will be able to buy my sales kit. Not only will I be able to offer the service of researching ones family history, but then I will be able to have it printed into a beautiful bond book! I can't wait to quit work and get started. My dental is maxed out and I'm just waiting to see what happens with my husband's back. Hopefully I will be done with work in about a month.

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