22 August 2006

My First Ginnie Pig!

I have been asking for people who are interested in someone researching their family. Well last night a gal at work finally handed me her file of information on her mom's family to get started. I have already found her grandfathers WWI registration, which gave us his birth date that she didn't know. I did find the family in 1920 living in Indianapolis, which she did know, but now I can giver her a street address where they were living at the time, and that also gave me the approximate birth years of all the children.

Then I went to Ancestry.com Family tree and history to find that some has already done three generations worth of research which both confirmed what I had and gave me more clues to look for. Though there was no contact information or source information, so I will treat it as a source for clues only, not a reliable 100% source. Always keep that in mind when you are doing your families research. Other people so graciously share their research online, which is great, but if their research is wrong, and even mine has been sometimes, it can get you off on the wrong path. So look at everything carefully and always try to find the first person source such as a birth, marriage, death, pension, military, land, probate or other such record to back up their findings.

So if you don't hear from me for a few days it's because I'm next deep into this new family. I can't wait to go to work tonight and show my associate her grandfather's WWI registration which tells so much about him.

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