08 August 2006

Genealogy, Getting Started Part 2 (old post)

I stumbled across a list of helpful hints on Oprah.com tonight. By Regina Lewis, AOL Online Advisor

  • Genealogy Getting Started

  • This is some of the same advise I gave before and more. As well as a list of more websites you will find useful in your search for you ancestors.

    My latest success story has been with my husband's mother's family. Her and her mother visited this last week, and over the last two weeks I have uncovered a great deal about Grandma's Connor family and even about the Martin part of the family we didn't know about. I was searching on Rootsweb again, looking over some of the same notes and research I had seen before when I happened to notice an email of William Conner's great granddaughter listed as a source of information. I emailed her, and to my surprise not only was she willing to share information, but she also shared photos which I spoke about before. So keep going back over old sites and notes when your stumped, and you'll discover something you missed the last time. Don't forget to share with others also researching the same surnames, and in the end it will be a very rewarding experience.

    Now if only I can find information on Grandma when she and her siblings were in an Oklahoma orphanage, or information on her mother either.

    I have enjoyed the stories some of you have shared with me about your searches for you family. Keep it up, and happy hunting.

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