16 March 2012

Fearless Females - March 16; Aner Sackett

One of my favorite female ancestors whom I wished I had the privilege to have known is Aner Sackett. This photo is of her and my GGGG Grandfather George Scott. One account that I discovered is that Louise La'Moure, one of my favorite western authors, wrote a series named "The Sacketts." Supposedly it was my Sacketts that he researched in order to help him write his books. If this is true or not I don't know, either way I still love the Sackett series and I'm still a descendant.
Aner had to be one tough lady. She moved so often with her husband. Having children in three different states is a good indication that they didn't stay put for long. She married George in Franklin Co., IN on 9 Oct 1847. Their first two children were born in IN; Emily Lutitia (my GGG Grandmother) on 1 Sept 1848 followed by Alexander in 1851. In 1850 the family is enumerated in Center, Marion Co., IN.
Off to Iowa. Somewhere between 1850 and 1854 the family moves to Iowa. The next child Mary is born in 1854 in IA. George is then enumberated in Iowa State Census in 1856 living in Lucas, Iowa. They must have liked it there enough to remain until 1865 at least, when John was born.
One more child is known to be born in 1871 in MO, though I have yet to find the family in the 1870 census. It's very possible they were on the move at the time of the census.
In 1880 they are living in Plum Creek, Pawnee, NE. Four states in less then 40 years. I don't doubt there were many stories to be told along that trail.
If I could have the chance to go to lunch with Aner I'm afraid we would have to make it a day long affair. I wouldn't care what we ate, only that I had plenty of time to sit and listen to her undoubtably amazing life stories.

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