15 March 2012

Fearless Females - March 15 a Tribute

Strong, Independent, Loving, Confident, Passionate, Excepting.

I find that out of all my ancestors, I am the most like my Grandma Roe. Mary Ellen Hayes Roe Garcia was not your normal Suzie Homemaker. She didn't cook nice dinners. She would be like the mom today who runs to fast food for dinner. She didn't have that privilege so her dinners were often from a can. If she burned food to a pan, it went out in the garage in a big sink to soak. If it didn't clean up easy, it went in the trash. Though I will admit the one trait I get from my other grandmother, the ability to pinch the pennies, keeps me from throwing away the pans, but I do hate to spend too much time scrubbing them, especially the bottom. Who ever said the bottom of the pan needed to shine, must not have had as many passions as I do. There are more important things in life then worrying about every little detail in a home. I use to be the kind that preferred quick meals and fast food because I didn't like to spend time in the kitchen either. I completely understand her reluctance to the kitchen, but out of a need and desire to feed my family health I do spend time on my meals, just not scrubbing the bottom of the pans!

Grandma watched her beloved husband Von Joseph Roe suffer through bone cancer for nearly two year before she lost him. She was only 45. My Aunt was still at home a young teenager. My mother and her twin were young married mothers at the time.

She always had her passions. Especially gardening. She had beautiful gardens that we all loved. My mother and I inherited her green thumb. I can't wait until I get out to the farm so I can have my garden too. All of us women have learned to fill our lives with passion. It keeps us happy and we are never bored

At only 5' 2" or somewhere close to that height, she was a giant to me as a little girl. She was the kind of woman that could look at you and say "absolutely not, young lady," and you didn't ask why. She was also the kind of grandma that showed up with a big bag of candy and a huge hug to spoil her grandchildren. She loved us all, and we all miss her.

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Anonymous said...

Somehow, we must be related. Mary Ellen Hayes was my mother's cousin. I live in Modesto, CA.