08 April 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Spring Cleaning

Can you say........SPRING CLEANING!!!

I'm on vacation this week so this is one of my tasks to complete, my basement. We had an icicle go through a basement window this winter (in another room at the back of the basement) so myself and everyone else has just been running down and dumping off what ever needed to go in the basement and then running back up. It was freezing down there. Not to mention who wants to be in a dark dreary basement when it's already dreary and gray outside.

But with spring now here there is some sunshine coming through the broken window to the back of the basement and the fresh air coming through the broken window makes it not so musky down there. So it's time for some spring cleaning. I already tackled a few things on the main floor on Monday.

The room in the picture is suppose to be my office and sewing room which are both up stairs in the front room right now until we finish sheet rocking this room. The wood floor is down and then it'll just need a coat of paint and I'll be ready to move in. I hope to move in this summer for good. I was down there until the window broke, so I guess we'll need to fix that too.

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