28 April 2009

Flora May Conner and baby girl

As a result of more than two years of research I was finally able to give my husbands grandmother the gift that she most wanted from this. When she was a child her mother Flora May Manning Conner died after giving birth. Grandma didn't even know if the child was a girl or a boy and all she ever wanted was to find where her mother was buried and return and visit her. After I found where she was buried at the
Llano Cemetery
Potter County
Texas, USA
Plot: Section 74 Lot 46 Space 1 my sister and mother-in-law were able to take her on a trip to Texas and Oklahoma so that she could visit their graves. She was saddened to find that the only thing marking their graves was a gray brick with just their first names on them. She decided then that she would give them new headstones, so she purchased these and marked their graves with a beautiful headstone. She was also happy to discover that she had a baby sister and that her parents had given her a name before the baby and her mother died.

These are the moments I look forward to in my research when I can give something special to a family member that they always wanted to know or see about their ancestors.


DianaR said...

What a beautiful story!! It's reading things like this that make me smile. Good job :-)

Lisa said...

What a wonderful sense of closure she must have felt after making that trip and purchasing the headstones for their graves. Thanks for sharing this story. This is the kind of gift that no money can buy. I'm so happy that you were able to give it!

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