10 April 2009

Smile for the Camera - A Noble Life

This is of my daughter at age two walking hand in hand with her Grandpa Crooks while the family was exploring the train station in Jamestown, CA. While learning a little history we were making a little of our own.

I know this isn't exactly genealogy or ancestor material. But as much time as we all spend looking for our ancestor (it in it self is a noble deed and our descendants will hopefully greatly respect that some day) we need to stop and spend time treasuring those we are still blessed to have around us. Listen to their stories and record them. The more we do to preserve those we still have around us the easier it will be for those who come after us to know their ancestors.

If there is ever a noble deed I wished my ancestors had done and that is that they had preserved their history and passed it down. Even my own grandparents (whom three of them I have memories of) I can only find bits and pieces. There were no journals, bibles, or much that tells us of their lives. Photos yes in some family groups, and in others there aren't even any photos. There are pieces that I know should exist but are unfortunately in the hands of stingy family members who think they are the only ones to have the right to that history. Now that would be a truly Noble deed if people would stop being so stingy with family history and see the importance of sharing and maybe even creating a bigger picture of history with their whole family.

I just didn't have any Noble family photos or history. My family though was noble in the hard work they did to make this country from those who fought in wars to those who worked the farms that feed everyone around them. But the biggest Noble act that find time after time in my research of my family is that they truly loved family. Family was the most important thing to them and everything they did they did out of love.

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