15 April 2009

Beloved Uncles

My favorite uncle is my Uncle Dewight. He is my uncle by marriage. He is married to my mom's twin sister. So I guess it was natural that he became my favorite uncle. He was always there. We all went to church together, family get togethers all the time, lived near each other and us kids were always together, even going to school together.

Uncle Dewight is the kind of uncle that always has open arms ready for a big hug. He never meets a stranger and never has anthing mean to say about anyone. He has got the biggest heart. My mom and her twin sister both picked wonderful men who treat them and everyone else very well.

One of Uncle Dewights cworks is his story telling though. Boy can he build up a story. We always keep in mind that any story he tells is only partially true, and you've got to throw out the embelishments to get to the truth. But you can't help but love his story telling. I truly miss my Aunt Mary and Uncle Dewight since we've moved up here.

Mom and Aunt Mary have a younger sister, Dawna, who lived up here in Idaho with her husband Uncle Edy when I was growing up. I've had more of a chance to get to know them over the last ten years. But we still don't get together often enough. My Uncle Edy is fun to be around and a loving uncle as well, he just doesn't embelish his stories quit so much.

In this photo you can see all of them together. This is my favorite photo of them because it shows them perfectly as they are. When you get the six of the together (the three sisters and their husbands) you have a he haw fest. It's always a lot of laughs with them around.
L-R Uncle Dewight, Aunt Mary, Aunt Dawna, Uncle Edy, Mom and Dad.

But I can't forget Dad's side of the family. Although he had five brothers.....two I never knew, two I didn't have anything to do with (alcholism can tear apart a family), and only one did I feel close to, Uncle Jerry. He is in these photos in the burgundy shirt also holding his granddaughter. He was much older than my dad and as a result his children were much older then us. But I remember visits with them when I was younger. His girls like to dote over my brother and I. Uncle Jerry is a very loving and caring Uncle. I guess my biggest regret is that we didn't take time to see more of him.

Also in the photos is my great uncle Jim Jenkins. He is the only great uncle I have left and honestly I don't really know him. These were taken after the funeral for my grandmother Olivia Joyce Jenkins Woolsey. She was his sister.

Another Uncle that I remember was my Great Uncle Lloyd. He was married to Geneva the sister of my Grandpa Albert Woolsey. He was a real card. A practicle joker. He use to love to play pranks and then just he haw like crazy. He was a jolly old man. He's the kind of person you meet once and you never forget. I wished I had a photo here of him, but my mom has them.

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Janet Iles said...

Thanks for sharing your stories about your uncles. I like the work you did on your scrapbook pages.