04 March 2009


Back in August 2007 Ancestry.com had many of us in an uproar. They were spidering our websites that we do for free to share information with other like minded individuals, possible relatives, or to teach genealogy. I didn't mind the fact that people could access my sites through their website. What infuriated me was that they put it behind their paid only subscription, so only paying members could access that information. You can read more about the uproar in my first post Ancestry.com Nothing but Thievs and the follow up post here Ancestry.com More details!!

For some time I canceled my subscription and pulled their advertisements from my page. But that has all changed. At the time I didn't blog about this because my husband soon after lost his job and when I received the email from Ancestry I was too caught up in getting a job myself and I've been busy since. But I was just thinking today about what happened after. Ancestry sent out an email apologizing and that after all the feed back they received on the subject they decided to pull that collection from their database.

You know we all make mistakes. We do things all the time with out considering the consequences or how what we do will affect others. It's not so much the mistakes, but it's what we do to correct the wrongs that make a person. I believe Ancestry possibly didn't really think that one out and didn't realize how so many of us would feel about all of our hard work being used to charge others when we do it for free. But when it was all said and done I think they really stood up and did the right thing. They removed it and sent out emails apologizing.

I have since found the time to add their ads back to my site and I've started using them again. Thank goodness too because otherwise I would have never found a marriage certificate for my husbands great grandparents and then finally found the name of his gg grandmother who's picture I had, but didn't know her name.

Ancestry.com is a great site for genealogy research. They have an enormous about of information about our ancestors. There are other favorites that I use to as well like, Footnote, Find A Grave, Genealogy Trails, Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness, Roots Television Where History Meets Heritage, RootsWeb.com Home Page, UsGenWeb and so many more.

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