02 October 2008

Kootenai County, Pauper Cemetery

I am back to working on a little pet project of mine. I had a gal contact me yesterday asking for help on a research paper she is doing on this very same cemetery. I've given her what I can and I found more to send her.

Now I'm doing what I have always wanted to do, I'm researching the lives of each person interned in the Pauper's Cemetery. Some of them I have found census records and such on in order to compile a brief history of their lives. Others seem to not exist at all.

What I'm asking from those of you who have a connection and family history in Kootenai County, Idaho is to see if any of these people were your ancestors. Do you know a living relative who may have known any of them? Do you know any of them or about their lives. With my project I would not only like to pull together every known piece of history on this cemetery, but also the lives of those buried there. I would sure appreciate everyones help on this.

Please feel free to contact me or send me information. Photos would be lovely, histories would be great and anything else you can add to the lives of these forgotten ancestors. So far we have only found two or three obits, with very little information at that.

Here is my previous post on this cemetery.

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