12 September 2007

One more off my list

As some of you may know I have been transcribing and posting records related to Kootenai County Idaho on Genealogy Trails where I am a host.

As of last night 1870 census when Idaho was nothing more than a Territory has been completed and posted. 1880 census was already done a while ago. Please feel free to let me know if there are any mistakes. I tried to scan it and look, but I'm good at not catching my own errors.

I also found some time to go through some old Spokesman Review obituaries and transcribe and post them here.

I do currently have one cemetery transcribed and posted. It was the old Paupers Cemetery. It has always intrigued me since the day I moved up here. This little cemetery up on the hill over looking Seltice way. It's nestled under the trees. Though there is much progress and modern buildings going up in the area, it's still a little piece of history that looks almost untouched other than the occasional clean up and care by different groups including the 4-H. When I find the time I would like to do much more research on the residence of this grave. Many of them were buried here by the county because they were poor and had no estate to cover the cost. So this plot of land was set aside for such burials. Many of the graves have a white cross, but the names are unknown who is buried there. Only a few are marked.

Don't forget I am always looking for more volunteers to find records and help transcribe them to post on Genealogy Trails. At his points I'm flying solo which will become more difficult to do as I will soon be going back to work. So if you are interested in contributing, take a look at the site and see what records are needed and then email me.

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