30 September 2007

Time flies even when you are not having fun.

I just noticed it's been a couple weeks since I did a post. I hope to change that in the future, but for now it's because my brain is complete mush. I've just started a new job working nights. It doesn't require much brain power but it completely exhausts me because of the physical demands. Let's just say I better loose some wight after working this job.

Until I get use to this rhythm of taking the boys to school, daughter to mom's and going to work with my dad it'll be a while before I can think straight enough to do one of my posts. I feel like a chicken running around with my head cut off.

I have been taking my Family Tree Magazines to work and reading when I have time and jotting down notes in my note book for future posts. So I'll get a few organized soon and I'll be back up and running.

Until you see me again take care and happy hunting.

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PinkAcorn said...

Hi, Just linked to your blog from "From a Simple Mind".
I also do a lot of genealogy research, I use ancestry.com and rootsweb along with a few forums that have been very helpful like italiangenealogy.com.- they do more than just Italian. I guess you can say I'm an addict, it's like my second job. good luck on your research.