14 October 2008

Paupers Cemetery , Post Falls, ID

Okay I'm back at it again. My husband fixed my computer!!!

I'm still doing research on the old Paupers Cemetery in Post Falls, ID. Boy am I on a roller coaster of research right now. Some of these people seems to have never existed while others take me off on trails that end up belonging to someone else. It can be fun and frustrating all at the same time. I've got information on families that I thought belong to the loved ones in this cemetery, only to find out that I have the wrong family......arggggg!

One of my biggest mysteries belongs to a man named William Henry Manion. I first did a census search. I found a William H Manion in Mt Home, Elmore Co., ID and thought great I'm on a roll. At this time I had not yet found birth dates for those in the Paupers Cemetery. Then I started to notice something that bothered me. William H Manion and his wife Mary were long time residence of Mt Home, ID. I find them there in 1910 and 1920. I also found them in the 1880 census in Utah, where Mary was born as well as their first two children, Florance and Charles. William is listed in the Utah census as a miner, ID 1910 as a Probate Judge and ID 1920 as a farmer. So how is it that a man who has been a miner, farmer and probate judge ends up a few counties away from his home buried in a paupers cemetery? It bothered me for a while. I also got on Bureau of Land Management website and found that William owned 131 acres in Mt Home, ID. So he has a homestead of 131 acres and he's buried away from home with the poor? That didn't make sense to me.

Now mind you all of that research I was doing for free. Then I finally broke down and subscribed to Ancestry.com again. From there I found almost all of the birth dates of the people at Paupers Cemetery. Whoa wait a minute there are two William H Manions. One is William Harvis Manion, born in 1844 and died 1932 in Mt Home, ID. Uh Oh! This means I really do have the wrong man. Okay I know still too many holes to make any assumption, right. Well you'd think after all this time and as many times as I get off on the wrong path I'd learn that, but no.

Then I find the records for William Henry Manion and they fit. The death date is 18 Mar 1937, just like the man in my cemetery. Okay so the William Harvis Manion is probably the father of my William Henry Manion. Age seems right for that to fit. So I started looking that way. Okay now I'm about ready to throw in the towel. I soon discover the real William Manion son of William Harvis Manion and Mary of Mt. Home, ID is in fact William Edward Manion (this confirm by his WWI registration) who was born a few years earlier than the William Henry Manion I am looking for.

But I didn't give up. I kept looking and soon I'll be darned if my mystery doesn't become even more baffling then before. I find him! William Henry Manion born 27 Jul 1892 and died 18 Mar 1937, but here is where the mystery begins. Apparently he wasn't buried at the Paupers Cemetery. I don't know how he ended up on that list, but I've called to make sure and sure enough he is buried on the 22 Mar 1937 at Holy Cross Cemetery in Spokane, WA on the north side. The gal I spoke to there is going to find what she can in the archives and send it to me. So I will be doing another update here soon on dear old William Henry Manion when I get that. What I have found though is that he was married to Eva. They had a daughter named Patsy Manion born about 1928 in Spokane this is from the 1930 census I found of them. They lived at 1817 E 1st in Spokane. The residence information comes from Holy Cross Cemetery records.

I'm also working on the lives and history of Rufus Beck, a blacksmith in Rathdrum, ID, Margaret Ellen Taisey, a young 15 year old girl who died in the river after being electrocuted, John Edward Davis, the only stone at the cemetery who's family will be sharing a history of his life with me, and George Stewart just to name a few.

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