07 February 2007

We Have a Face!

I am half way there. I was almost ready to do the genealogy happy dance, when I realized the only name I have for this dear lady is Mrs. Barnett.

I have been researching my husband's Conner line for a couple years. I have had several dear cousins contribute information to my search. But the one we never could figure out was the family of my husbands gggrandmother, Laura Alice Barnett.

Here is what we did know. Laura Alice Barnett was born somewhere in Missouri on the 14 February 1876. She married William Monroe Conner about 1890 in Missouri. Probably somewhere around Douglas county where William's family was at the time. They soon moved to Williamson County, Texas.

I have searched many times in the Douglas County area for a family with a Laura Barnett. I haven't yet found one that fits. There were many Laura Barnetts and several in Missouri, but none of them fit conclusively to Laura. I've check Douglas County and the surrounding counties, and still no Laura Alice Barnett. It will take some deeper digging. Part of the problem is we are also dealing with court house fires. So I've got to get creative.

Then several months ago I had a cousin contact me. We have talked many times and they have shared many of the stories of our family. I have also shared with them all of my research. Then he finally pulled together some photos he had of the family and sent them to me. My jaw about dropped open when in the email he writes that this photo is of Laura's mother! I couldn't believe it! We now had a face for Laura's mother, but still no name. The cousin informed me that she was said to be full blooded Indian, which I don't question as it was believed so was her daughter Laura. I will continue my search and update this when I do find out who this woman in the photo is.

Here is a photo of her daughter Laura Alice (Barnett) Conner. She is standing in front of her home in Harmon County, OK. Notice the family resemblance?

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