16 February 2007

The Launch of my Website

I finally have my own professional website! It's great! Check it out at Untangle Family Roots.

I'm so excited that I have my own site that stands alone and isn't part of the parent company.

By the way I am hoping that someone out there is interested in hosting a celebration about Heritage Makers so I can introduce this wonderful product and concept to those of us who cherish not only our past memories but our present as well.

Also on my website calendar you will see a couple Workshops in March. I will start holding workshops on digital scrapbooking and I'm sure we will discuss genealogy as well. It's too much of a passion for me not to delve into genealogy research. So if anyone out there in this area wants help with basic genealogy research or digital scrapbooking, please RSVP for one of my workshops. If my schedule doesn't fit yours then don't worry. I am available for one on one help as well.

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Jasia said...

Congratulations on your new web site! Looks great!