10 July 2009

Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?

We should be shouting out loud over this! Yes I'm mad and it didn't even affect my family, but it could have. Think about this for just a moment. How would you feel if you found out your sacred hill where your ancestors once morned their dead, was destroyed for profit? What about if your loved ones were dug up from their graves and dumped in a field in order to make room for more burials in a full cemetery, so someone again makes money? Is the all mighty dollar going to destroy our ethics, morality and respect? Well it is!

I was watching the news late last night when I heard about the historical African-American Burr Oak cemetery in Alsip, Chicago that has been desecrated. Four people have been charged in the scam to remove bodies in order to make room for "new" plots. In some cases the bodies were removed and dumped in abandoned fields, in other cases the bodies were pounded down to make room for a burial above them. In one report a family member said "it's like killing them again." It is believed that they have desecrated 200 to 300 bodies. It is disgusting and outragouse! Have we become a society where the all might damn dollar is more important to us then showing respect to our dead?

You can read more about this in these post:
Then this morning I recieved an email alerting me to this tragedy. In Oxford, Alabama a sacred 1500 year mound is being destroyed. This mound was used by the Indians to morn their dead and then bury them in the caves below. What is even more infuriating is that the mayor of Oxford, Leon Smith is involved in making it possible for the constrution crew to destroy this mound in order to use it for......get this.....fill dirt for a Sam's Club. I use to work for Wal Mart and one thing they really make a big deal of in your orientation is how important family is. You really even get a bit of a history leason on the Walton family. I doubt they are condoning this. I'm sure this is all in the hands of the construction crew who wants to make that all might damn dollar and is willing to distroy something so sacred to others in order to make that dollar.

Please do take the time to visit this well writen post about the mound in Oxford, Alabama. She has done a great job of pulling together a history and addresses where you can write to make your voice heard. I plan to sit down later today and put together a few letters myself. Oxford, Alabama Destroying A 1500-Year-Old Indian Mound To Build A Sam's Club by Deep Fried Kudzu.

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