19 May 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This was a post card my grandmother, Mary Ellen Hayes bought while her and my grandfather, Von Joseph Roe were on their honeymoon in San Fransisco.

I would have posted the back, but the words are almost unreadable. It's so faded. On the back is reads
Love Mary & Rusty Dear Folks, A few lines this morning. We went to Oakland Friday night and stayed till Sat night. We went under the bridge on the ferry. I bought some of these cards. I'm ???ing grandma on this morning???? Did Aunt Celestia & all get started ? Charley called us Friday night and wanted us to come up. I didn't want to but I did on account of Rusty. They have a new T.V. set. Ans soon.
I'm a bit confused though since the post office stamp is dated Nov 1950. The only thing I can think of is this was their second honeymoon. They were married in 1947, but because grandpa couldn't find his first wife it wasn't a legitimate marriage. When his first wife showed up a few years later they divorced and Grandma and Grandpa was married legally. This has to be a second honeymoon.

The photo on the front of the card is of the San Fransisco Bay Bridge at sunset. The card is about 8x10. Which is probably why it's seen better days. Someone finally put it in the family album. But I'm sure it spent time floating around in drawer having the corners bent before it was finally put in an album page to protect it.


lindalee said...

Thanks for following my blog! We have always called this bridge...Pop Pop's Bridge as his company made the cables that hold it up!!!

amyrebba said...

Linda that is so neat. Thank you for sharing that. It's always nice to hear of those little stories that conect our family, rather directly or indirectly. It's a small world.