01 November 2008

The precious ones

I found that five of the 49 interned were infants and I suspect that another eight were infants as well, but I have no proof as yet.

Here is a list of the infants or still born buried at the Paupers Cemetery in Post Falls, Idaho.

Infant BOCK still born on 30 April 1939. I tried to find this child's family in the area, but I found no Bock family in the area. I did find many Bock families in and around Ada county down south. I wonder if the family was traveling through or just moving here when the child was born.

Jane Willetta BRADFORD was born on 14 April 1938 and died the next day on 15 April 1938.

Linda Hazel (Baby) BURKE was still born on 7 April 1943. She appears to be the last burial at this cemetery.

James Wesley SNYDER was still born on 17 Mar 1938.

Mary Loretta STANLEY was born and died on 4 Oct 1938.

Unfortunately we do not know where these children are buried in this cemetery, only that they were buried here according to records. Many of the graves were never marked from what has been found, and those that were only a few have with stood the test of time. You must keep in mind that this was a cemetery in use during The Great Depression and was rightfully known as the Pauper's Cemetery as those who were buried here could not afford burial, therefor the county buried them.

Margaret Ellen Taisey was a 15 year old girl who died after an accident, but I will do another post on her death at a later date.

The other eight that may have been children I will not list until I've done more research. I will also look further into possible families of these five children, but as of yet I don't know who their parents were. It will take a visit to the court house when I have time to go further, if I ever find time.

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