01 November 2008

A Face to the Name

Many times as we visit cemeteries and graves we rarely know what the person looked like unless they were a family member we knew, and even then, how good is our memory. I'm always so excited when someone shares a picture with me of an ancestor or in this case someone I am studying.

I finally received the photo of John E Davis from his granddaughter. After much trouble with sending it by e-mail we finally used Wal Mart's photo center to exchange the photo.

Finally for the first time we can see a face to a name at the Pauper's Cemetery in Post Falls, Kootenai County, Idaho. I don't know that I will get that lucky with any of the other 49 internments, so this is truly a treasure, thanks to his granddaughter.

She described him as a tall rugged man of very few words. I'm sure this photo was taken at his homestead in Alberta, Canada. He died at the age of 77 here in Idaho, but didn't move back to Idaho until the late 30's and died in 1941. He doesn't look like he is in his 70's in this photo, which leads me to believe this was taken in Canada.

There is still more to come on John. I am waiting for the homestead papers and some local history written about him to come from Alberta. I'll share what I find then.

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