08 July 2008

Three more weeks!

I'll be back to my usual self here soon. I have three more weeks left of work. It's time to come back home and do what I love. Money is always tight. It doesn't matter if I work or not. By the time I pay the baby sitter and put gas in my car I have so little left of my paycheck. I don't know of anyone who enjoys working for a mere $100 a week, give or take. So I've decided it's time to do what I love to do.

I think I will be placing ads out there offering my services for research. I also plan to spend some time quilting and maybe even sell some of my quilts on ebay. I'm sure between the two I can supplement our income while still being at home with my children.

I look forward to hearing from everyone again, and getting back into the genealogy circles.

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