25 July 2008

The Connor History

It's no surprise that along with doing our family history I also enjoy making Heritage Makers scrap books to tell the stories.

The new and exciting part is now I can share those books online with all of you.

Today I'd like to share a book that I made last year that I am so proud of. This is the story of my husband's Connor family. The Connors were his mother's mother's family. They came to California by way of Oklahoma, Texas and Arizona while working in the fields. Life was not easy for them, especially during the depression and during the time in history when Native American were misstreated since they were Native American.

So here it is. Please enjoy it. Also I have had a few of you in the Connor family that wanted a copy of this. I can order you a copy at any time, just let me know. The cost is $50.94 plus shipping.

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Amanda said...

Found your scrapbook through the iGene awards. It is fanastic! I am going to look into doing one for for my family:-)