01 March 2007

Who's That? Mystery Photos and Stories 2

Welcome to the March 2, 2007 edition of who is that?.

Tim Abbott presents Esther Ingersoll Olmsted and her Far-flung Family posted at Walking the Berkshires, saying, "Lot's more stories where this came from at my blog, but it seemed a good submission to start with." Tim has an absolutely enjoyable blog to read. So many stories and mysteries on his family. This is a great account of how his family kept pieces of their history and it lead to a recent reunion of many of the distant cousins. Just amazing how small the world really is. Tim, thank you for sharing this and I hope you will share more with us in the future.

family stories

Michelle Mitchell presents Short Stories from Family History posted at scribbit. This is an absolutely great set of short stories about her family. Michelle wants to put these stories in a book sometime in her life before she dies. Michelle, new goal, do it before the children grow up and leave home! Good Luck and have fun writing that book!


Apple presents Eliza? Jane? Mary? posted at Apple's Tree Her theory is the "Apple doesn't fall far from the tree." I think that's why many of us research our genealogy. We are curious as to who our ancestors are and how much they contribute in looks and personality to the person we are today. She has a mystery photo believed to most likely be from her father's side of the family. I think she has done a great job of narrowing the possible candidates of that photo. Maybe you can help her solve the mystery once and for all. Good Luck, Apple.

Thank you for these wonderful stories. If I keep getting this much participation I may have to increase how often I do this. But for now I'll make my next post for April 2. I look forward to many more great stories.

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