25 January 2007

Submit Your Stories

It's hard to always come up with a topic to write about in genealogy. So I'm asking for your help. Submit your stories of unknown people in photos, unknown relative and ancestors you can't find, and stories that may be something from Uncle Joes immagination.

Often times in our busy lives we don't take the time to write things down. Sure it's easy to snap pictures and have a drawer or computer file full of faces. But do you take the time to write down the story and names in the picture?

Now think back to a photo pasted down by Grandma. Who is that guy or gal standing next to Uncle Joe? Grandma didn't write it down. Where are they and when was that picture taken? You don't know that either. Now think ahead 20, 30, 50 years to your grandchildren. See that drawer full of photos. What happens when you don't write it down? Will they know the exciting vacation you were on? Will they know about the special person standing beside you? If you don't write it down they wont.

Share your stories of unknown people in photos. Maybe someone will know something about it. Do you have an unknown realtive you are searching for or and ancestor who is a brick wall in your research? Or have you writen a story about a grandparent. Share their story. But after you share that story, stop and write your own. Don't be a forgotten someone standing next to someone's uncle.

I look forward to reading your stories.

Submit your stories Blog Carnival submission form - who is that? I will be sharing your stories next on Feb 2, 2007


Lorri69 said...

Hello, I am related to Jesse chisholm as well. My great great great grandfather was John D. Mckeel. I have just started untangles my family roots. It is very exciting to see where it all started and how far we have gotten. I'm very glad that I found your page. It is nice to hear that others love this stuff just as much as I do.

amyrebba said...


Well, hello cousin. It's always great to meet another person who is a distant relative. I will say my family has seriously grown in the last two years, and I have had the privialge of meeting many great people because of the search for our past. Please email me. I would love to share with you our family history. You can email me at amyrebba@adelphia.net.