18 January 2007

New Genealogy Guide Website

Well with my hubby away in CA again with his father in the hospital I find myself up into the wee hours of the night. So I'm finding a great deal more websites and doing more research.

First I would like to introduce you to a new website for beginners especially. This site is simple and very easy to follow. The links are marked very clearly. The site is also created in such a cute manner that you may even find your children will find the site fun if you want to work on your genealogy together as a family. A great family activity if you can get them involved. This site comes to us from the UK, but I really like the way it is done and how helpful it is for a beginner genealogist. So if you are just beginning stop in and visit Genealogy Guide.

I also discovered that Kentucky has their land records indexed, scanned and accessible from their Kentucky Secretary of State Land website. I'm still looking for what I need, but maybe if you have Kentucky roots you just might find their land records. If you have someone you know served in the Revolutionary War you may want to check out the site. They have many records for veterans of the Revolutionary War who were given land in Kentucky for their service.

Now I need to get back to work. I received copies of records in today for a friends family I am researching. Her family is from PA, and after no luck getting any further in the research I wrote to the PA state archives. And much to my surprise and thrill I got a lot of help from a wonderful gal there who found the family I am looking for. She found a naturalization record for Charles Speisman and a will for his wife Margaret. Both records gave me clues to work from.

Here is something to think about when researching your ancestors. In the will of Margaret Speisman, she lists her executor as "my cousin John W Haehn." Now from the 1880 census I knew that her mother's name was Haghn. So I then believed that John W Haehn was a cousin from her father's side. I began looking for a John W Haehn and sure enough I found him. The name was spelled "Hahn" in all the census records I found. It turns out that her cousin John lived 0.89 miles from her in Titusville, PA. I started researching John's family at that point. It lead me to find a great deal of her Hahn relatives. Unfortunately I still have yet to discover who her father was, but I have been able to find aunts, uncles, and cousins. It should eventually help lead me to her father.

Genealogy is like a puzzle. Sometimes you have to build the edges of the puzzle first before you can figure out the center. In genealogy sometimes you have to find not so immediate family members to help lead you back to the immediate ancestors you are searching for.

Happy Hunting.


Miriam said...

Hi, there, Amy! I'm your blogging genealogy neighbor in Spokane. Nice to read another NW genealogy blog! Maybe we'll meet sometime at a local workshop.

Lee said...

Hi! You've been tagged: http://www.geneaholic.com/2007/01/21/5-things-about-lee/

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